Wellness - BSI Corporate Benefits L.L.C.

Workplace wellness refers to the education and activities that a worksite may do to promote healthy lifestyles to employees and their families. BSI Corporate Benefits L.L.C. makes implementing a wellness program easy with our exclusive workplace wellness program.

This value-added service is provided, free, to all BSI Corporate Benefits L.L.C. clients. The program consists of various forms of wellness resources such as newsletters, events, employer training, wellness vendor information and much more. Healthcare costs, poor health habits and unnecessary medical care costs consume large portions of corporate resources. With employees spending many of their waking hours at work, nearing 50 hours per week on average, the workplace is an ideal setting to address health and wellness issues.

The BSI Corporate Benefits L.L.C. Wellness program provides clients with information and insights to help their employees lead healthier, happier, more active lifestyles. This, in turn, helps employers save costs on their employee benefit plans.

Contact a BSI Corporate Benefits L.L.C. representative at 877-413-6417 to discuss how to integrate wellness into your existing HR and employee benefits programs.