Welcome to BSI Corporate Benefits L.L.C.


To provide the ideal employee benefit package requires balance. Balancing the needs of your employees with the need to maintain competitive, cost effective benefits is essential to assure employee satisfaction as well as a healthy, stable bottom line.

Our approach and final recommendations will always start and end with BALANCE as our guide.


Insurance companies can seem cold and indifferent even to the largest employers.

We maintain excellent relationships with all of our carriers and command respect when it comes to negotiating rates, managing claims and solving employee/employer issues as they arise.

BSI has the STRENGTH to "remind" the insurance company who the consumer is, a fact they sometimes forget!


At BSI we take our status as an independent agency seriously. Our clients have peace of mind in knowing that any recommendation we make is always based on what is best for them and never based on commissions, over-rides, or bonuses. We are building relationships for the future...

This cannot and will not be done without INTEGRITY as our centerpiece. Simply put, BSI has never lost a client and we know what it takes to keep it that way!